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Action items

This document shows action items of PageMixer framework revision "3.1", though I may forget important items.

Priority value of each action itesm is one in my mind, so it will be changed by your enthusiastic request.

"Priority" values in table have below meaning.

priority meaning
A now at work, and will be released in next (major/minor)revision
B may be released in a few (major/minor)revisions
C will not be released for a while

Action items in development

action item priority
Implement automatic generation mechanism of filter(s) for Struts ActionForm A
Implement FilterFactory which builds filter structure from external configuration file(may be in XML format) A
Implement Filters to examine HTML page (for design acceptance test) B
Implement other application Filters B
Enrich HTML tag specific Filters C
Implement reliable PageState C
Enrich test set on JUnit for already released classes C

Action items in documentation

action item priority
Write(complete) tutorial "Mixing with Struts" B
Write tutorial for "Testing with JUnit" B
Write another tutorial for quick start B