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PageMixer Documents

This page is top of PageMixer documents.

What PageMixer is

PageMixer is one of the alternate ways of server side processing for presentation in web computing, instread of JSP and XMLC.

Of course, You can use PageMixer not only in Servlet environment but also as part of stand alone application. I strongly recommend to evaluate PageMixer, if you want to develop the application which generates HTML page, like "javadoc" command, and separate HTML design from Java program code.

See "What PageMixer is" for detail.

Migration from earlier version

See "Migration guide" for migration.

The latest version which requires migration is "3.0".

Table of contents

What PageMixer is

details about what PageMixer framework is.


motivation to develop PageMixer framework.

Should you use ?

whether you should use PageMixer framework.


goals of PageMixer framework.

Action items

Action items of current revision.

Migration guide

Guide to migrate from PageMixer earlier version.


license of PageMixer framework.


tutorials of PageMixer framework.

Design notes

design notes for PageMixer framework.

API of PageMixer

API documentation of PageMixer(Javadoc style).

API of demo for PageMixer

API documentation of demo for PageMixer(Javadoc style).

API of demo for Servlet environment

API documentation of demo in Servlet environment(Javadoc style).

API of demo for Struts co-operation

API documentation of demo for PageMixer-Struts cooperation (Javadoc style).

Related links

JavaServer Pages(TM) Technology

Home page of JSP(JavaServer Pages).

Now, it is part of J2EE(Java 2 Enterprise Edition) specification.

The home of XMLC at Enhydra.org

Home page of Enhydra XMLC project.

XMLC is work of Enhydra.org project.

The Apache Struts Web Application Framework

Home page of Struts in the Apache Jakarta Project.

Struts is one of the most famous web application framework.

Since version 1.1, PageMixer has cooperative fuctionality with Struts.