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PageMixer Top

This page is the top of PageMixer support site.

PageMixer is one of the alternate ways of server side processing for presentation in web computing, instread of JSP and XMLC.

PageMixer does not compete against any control frameworks( e.g.: Struts), but can cooperate with them if anything, as presentation part.

What's new


Release PageMixer 3.1

This release focuses on catch Struts 1.2.x specification up mainly.


Release PageMixer 3.0b


Register PageMixer as the project of


Release PageMixer 3.0

ATTENTION: Please see "Migration guide" if you have used PageMixer since version 2.x, because there are many differences between 2.x and 3.0.

See "History" for complete log.

Quick start

Please read for quick start:

Table of contents


Documentation of PageMxier.

It is as same as "document package" distribution


Archive page of PageMixer resources for download.


License of PageMixer.


Complete change log of PageMixer.


Complete change log of this support site.

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Since version 1.1, PageMixer has cooperative fuctionality with Struts.