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This document explains motivation to develop PageMixer framework.

  1. requirements for framework(in this page)
  2. reason why use neither JSP or XMLC


This section explains "my" requirements to sever side processing in web computing system shown as below.

  1. testability
  2. design separation
  3. easyness
  4. performance

Though it may be only for "me" but not for "you", I think many people has same requirements.


I want to test server side processing automatically as much as possible with less cost.

In other words, I do not want to test server side processing by manual examination of its looking.

For example, I want to test automatically whether server side processing tries something shown as below or not:

Design separation

I want to merge artifacts of graphic designers and of programmers with less cost.

In other words, I do not want to merge them manually at those time.

For example, you must merge them at some checkpoints if they are developped simultaneously in your project. Scale of project increses the need of simultaneous development and the amount of artifacts, and these cause increase of cost to merge artifacts.


I want the framework which is easy to develop server side processing of web computing.

It does not have reallity to choose the difficult framework, which can be understood by nobody in your team , even if it satisfies all requirements.


I want to get enough performance in server side processing.

It does not have reallity to choose the low performance framework, even if how easy it is to use.

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