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What PageMixer is

This document explains what PageMixer is, by comparison with JSP and XMLC from points of view described below:

And you can see related links and all comparison charts in "Appendix".


At first, see overview about PageMixer as comparison with JSP and XMLC.

---- JSP PageMixer XMLC
treats page as String sequence(like SAX) tree(as DOM)
design of page is in JSP in HTML in HTML
processing of page is in JSP as Java program as Java program
executable only in Servlet container anywhere anywhere

"Treats page as"

"Treats page as" is the most characteristic point between them.

In this comparison, JSP is consider to treat HTML page as String, because non Java code parts of JSP are treated as String in Servlet code compiled from JSP. It is well known that XMLC treats HTML page as DOM(Document Object Model) tree. And PageMixer treats HTML page as sequence of objects, like SAX does.

Treating is done only "like SAX does", not "in SAX framework", for simple/easy of use.

"Design of page is" and "processing of page is"

"Design of page is" and "processing of page is" show that separation of design and processing in each framework.

"Processing" means things like ones done by Java code inside "<%"/"%>" and "<%="/"%>", TagLib, or JavaBeans in JSP. In PageMixer and XMLC, these design and processing are separated, but not in JSP.


"Executable" means executability of them.

It also means applicability. JSP is bound to Servlet technology strongly, but PageMixer and XMLC are applicable in other environment.

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