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This document explains goals of PageMixer shown as below.

  1. dividing View of MVC into MVC
  2. fine grain
  3. portability
  4. requirements satisfaction

Dividing View of MVC into MVC

"Dividing View of MVC into MVC" means that framework should divide View of MVC into MVC again.

It is based on the analysis that "what is presented" and "how it is presented" should be different things. On this analysis, MVC of View are:

PageMixer framework is designed on this analysis.

"Model" is your server side processing code, "View" is designed HTML page, and "Control" is PageMixer framework itself. PageMixer framework isolates "Model" from "View", and coordinates them.

Fine grain

"Fine grain" goal means that framework should make processing units small, simple and mono-purpose.

In PageMixer framework, It is achieved by function dividing based on "Pipes and Filters"([Bushmann+96]) architecture pattern.

"Fine grain" goal brings easyness to develop, combine, test, maintain and re-use your code.


"Portability" goal means that framework should not be bound to any specific environment, like Servlet/EJB container.

It is achieved because PageMixer framework is not bound to any specific environment.

"Portability" goal increases not only applicability but also testability of your code.

Requirements satisfaction

"Requirements satisfaction" goal means that framework should satisfy requirements shown as belwo, which are described in "Motivation".

  1. testability
  2. design separation
  3. easyness
  4. performance


PageMixer framework satisfies "testability" requirement by achivement of both "fine grain" and "portable" goals.

Design separation

PageMixer framework satisfies "design separation" requirement by achivement of "dividing View of MVC into MVC" goal.


PageMixer framework satisfies "easyness" requirement by achivement of "fine grain" goal.

It is easy to understand things which are small, simple and mono-purpse, is not it ?


PageMixer framework tries to satisfy "performance" requirement by efficient design of itself.

For "shopping basket" page example, PageMixer is five or more times as fast as XMLC at my research measurement, but it may not be fast enough for JSP user.

So I will make effort to increase performance of PageMixer framework.