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What PageMixer is - (3/7)


Comparison difference around "testability" between JSP, XMLC and PageMixer is shown as below.

---- JSP PageMixer XMLC
unit test of processing(stand-alone) difficult easy easy
preparation for unit test ---- easy difficult(DOM tree is needed)
test of HTML generation difficult(needes Servlet envrionment/HTTP connection) easy easy

"Unit test of processing(stand-alone)"

"Unit test of processing(stand-alone)" means stand-alone testability of "processing". In other word, it is testability of "processing" with JUnit.

Please notice that this point of view only focuses on "processing", not on "design of HTML page".

For example, it is important whether "processing" iterates specified part of HTML to inset data collection into it or not, but it is not important whether data collection is visualized as table or itemize (it is design metter).

So, the approach of neither "HttpUnit" and "Cuctus" is matched with this requirement, and JSP is bound to HTML page design too strongly to test only "processing".

"Preparation for unit test"

"Preparation for unit test" means whether test data preparation for unit test is easy or not.

In PageMixer framework, you can create pseudo part of HTML page easily. Deciding test data as sequence of HTML elements(tag or text), and creating corresponding Java objects are all of preparation. It is closed in Java world.

But in XMLC framework, you must build DOM tree up, or write HTML page for test compiled by XMLC. In later case, you need external HTML page for test.

"Test of HTML generation"

"Test of HTML generation" means how easy to generate HTML page to examine visualy.

It is easy also in JSP framework, but Servlet environment is needed to execute embedded code in JSP, and you should get HTML page via HTTP connection.

In PageMixer and XMLC, you can generate all HTML pages in every test conditions together by stand-alone testing program, and check them after all.

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