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What PageMixer is - (4/7)

Design separation

Separation of design and processing of page, and following design modification up are one of the most important purpose of PageMixer framework.

Comparison difference around "design separation" between JSP, XMLC and PageMixer is shown as below.

---- JSP PageMixer XMLC
re-use of processing "include" directive(or TagLib/Javabeans) re-use of 'Filter' re-use of tree processing method(or class)
design visibility in processing re-use low(if HTML editor does not support JSP directive) high high
merge of design and processing difficult easy easy
tag element level design check no yes yes

"Re-use of processing"

"Re-use of processing" is already described in former section.

"Design visibility in processing re-use"

"Design visibility in processing re-use" means whether processing re-use keeps design visibility in HTML editting tools.

In almost all cases, at least in my projects, HTML page is designed by not programmer/implementor but (graphic) designer, so it is important to share final page image via HTML(or similar) files.

If you re-use "processing" by "include" directive of JSP, designer can not see total image of HTML page without assist of HTML editting tool, which knows how JSP directive works.

Of course, I hope that HTML editting tools(e.g.:DreamWeaver) can assit designer with knowledge of JSP. But they seem not to be able to do so yet.

"Merge of design and processing"

"Merge of design and processing" means how much it costs to merge of "HTML page design" and "processing" developped separatelly.

In JSP framework, it must be done by manually (may 'diff3' UNIX command, or other tools help for it ?), because "design" and "processing" are not separeted.

Please tell me if you know the elegant way to merge "design" and "processing".

"Tag element level design check"

"Tag element level design check" means checkablity of HTML page designed by designer at acceptance.

At acceptance of HTML page from designer, Not only "Look and Feel", but also satisfaction of requirement in specification are important. For example:

In PageMixer framework, you can also create "processing" which examines contents of HTML page, if you request designer to embed "CLASS" attributes with appropriate value in tags, and designer responds. And this is as same as in XMLC framework, but not in JSP.

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