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What PageMixer is - (2/7)


As described former section, "processing" means things like ones done by Java code inside "<%"/"%>" and "<%="/"%>", TagLib, or JavaBeans in JSP. Please notice that "processing" term focuses only on "processing about visualization" in this document. So, it does not include Model(of MVC) behaviors like JDBC access, EJB access and so on.

Comparison difference around "processing" between JSP, XMLC and PageMixer is shown as below.

---- JSP PageMixer XMLC
processing is defined as Java code/embedded in JSP Class/ "Filter" of sequence Class/processor of DOM
re-use of processing "include" directive(or TagLib/JavaBeans) re-use of "Filter" re-use of processing method(or class)
re-usability of processing low(middle if TagLib/JavaBeans are used ?) high (may be)high

"Processing is defined as"

"Processing is defined as" shows detail of "processing of page is" in former section.

In PageMixer framework, processing of HTML page is defined as "Filter" for sequence of Java objects, which is translated from target HTML page. It is simple and easy like UNIX filter commands (e.g.: head, tail, grep, sort, uniq, and so on) are.

"Re-use of processing"

"Re-use of processing" shows how to re-use processing.

Classes(or method), as processing subjects, are re-usable in PageMixer and XMLC. You can generalize them by parameterization and so on. The other hand, "include" directive is only way to re-use processing in JSP.

Of course, you can choose to implement processing as TagLib or JavaBeans to re-use.

But TagLib does not seem to achive separattion between processing and visualization. And use of JavaBeans in JSP seems to mainly focus on Model(of MVC) behaviors, so it is not competitor of PageMixer.

"Re-usability of processing"

"Re-usability of processing" is not "high" but "(may be)high" in XMLC, because XMLC does not(does it ?) provide framework/utilities to increase re-usability.

XMLC only provides DOM representation of HTML page and direct access to IDed elements, so you can implement processing re-usably or in-re-usably.

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